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About this Album

I’m the only human making musical sounds on this CD, these are truly one man live performances captured at my solo shows. The effects you hear happen live thru my live rig & are not added on after, this is what you get at a live Macka show.

Yes there is computer generated music behind my live voice & my lead/rhythm guitar but no actual audio recordings of, drummers, keyboardists, guitarists, saxophonists or backing vocalists etc It’s not like a karaoke kind of thing where a song is recorded by a whole real band in a studio without vocals or where the vocals have been removed off an original artist’s recording as many soloists with backing tracks use these days.

My backings are MIDI files, search what they are on google, they are quite different & interesting & almost an art unto themselves. The perfectionist in me has meticulously adjusted, modified, corrected, mixed & even personally programmed from scratch these backings for my live performances.

If you hear a “vocal” harmony with my voice, that is MY voice pitch shifted & put back with my voice in real time by my live effects rack which I take to every gig, if you hear a backing “vocal” come in after my voice, that is an echo effect throwing MY voice back in time with the music as I’ve set my effects rack up to do.

I use backings as I want to provide a band like sound that people can party & dance to like a real band not just yr classic one man strumming out chords on an acoustic guitar folk style with no bass or drum beat to get people grooving & no exciting lead guitar going off, that’s just not rock n roll now is it! lol

The songs on this CD are digitally recorded direct from my live mixing desk in stereo with a Mini Disc recorder, there is no way to “fixup” these recordings, it’s as they happened. The CD has been mastered & EQ’d as any release should be to give the best sound on domestic CD players.